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BLIND JUSTICE began with Kristie Sullivan who hated cleaning blinds but was cleaning homes and businesses and never had the time neede to clean the blinds like they really needed.BLINDS, SHADES & SHUTTERS of Georgia developed this idea . But soon their services were in such demand that they decided to give other people their system and knowledge by selling the equipment , manuals and training. This is not a franchise. I saw their ad and something clicked and I said "THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!!!"

Blind Justice has grown to be a powerful presence in the local market. AND Kristie LOVEd CLEANING BLINDS! And had even branched into repairing them locally.
Due to illness after 5 years of building her reputation Kristie had to sell Blind Justice in June 2003. She is confident in the new owners treatment of customers and supports them fully .

The new owners are DAVID AND JULIE WASKIEWICZ. Give them a call for Blind cleaning or Repairs at 931-387-2782.

This is a home owned business and we do not have a showroom. We come to the customers....

BLIND JUSTICE is committed to providing quality, up-to-date products and convienent, fast services. BLIND JUSTICE believes in the old fashioned terminology that the customer is always right. Some do not operate that way anymore.